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One of my friends for many years is Gísli Sigurgeirsson. He is a genius in many fields. In recent years, he has had strong opinions on climate change, and I therefore have great respect for him as a climate activist. I myself have given up on fighting for cycling infrastructure and a sustainable life for everyone, although I try my best to live as sustainably as possible in a western society. I am also always ready and waiting for radical movement if the governments like to change society into a sustainable lifestyle.
On August 20, 2022, a Climate festival was held in Reykjavík downtown in connection with a Reykjavik Culture Night. That day I was recording several things, including Gísla Sigurgeirsson’s speech.
Before and after the speech there were musical performances. The first was Maria Viktoria who sang and played. Then came Gísla’s speech and after that Vala Yates and Maria Viktoria sang and played a song together. Both these ladies are very talented, so everyone should remember these names.
Everyone involved in this recording gave me permission to put this content on the web.
It was very windy that day so I didn’t have much choice of microphone. My best stereo microphone for that is actually a homemade „baffled – binaural“ array with double EM172 and LOM mic amps in a Rycote WS2 windshield.
I have to admit that it always surprises me how good this DIY microphone is with unbelievable low „handling noise“ and low wind noise, even without HPF.
Although there were strong gusts of wind, you can hardly hear it in this recording, other than the sound waves from the sound system from the stage is distorted because of the wind.

  (mp3 26,7Mb / 265kbps)

Recorder: Sound devices MixPre6
Mics: Promo EM172 Baffled – Binaural.
Pix: Samsung S6

Location:  64.147287, -21.940348
Weather: Strong gust, partly cloudy, around 14°C

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Við lifum einkennilega tíma. Við þurfum að taka MJÖG rótækar ákvarðanir og breyta lifnarðarháttum okkar miklu meira en flestum likar. Ekki einhvern tíma seinna, heldur NÚNA.
Segja má að Loftslagsráðstefnan í Paris, COP21, sé mikilvægasta ráðstefna sem mannkynið hefur upplifað.
Að því tilefni voru farnar kröfugöngur víða um heim þar sem ráðamenn voru hvattir til að gefa ekkert eftir í þeim efnum.
Ein slík ganga var farin í Reykjavík einn kaldan vetrardag, sunnudaginn 29. nóvember 2015, á vegum náttúruvendarsamtaka. Heppnaðist gangan með ágætum þó fleiri hefðu mátt taka þátt í svo milivægri kröfugöngu.
Hér er hljóðrit frá seinni hluta göngunnar sem og frá Lækjatorgi þar sem haldnar voru ofur stuttar en mjög góðar ræður.
Sjá meira á MBL
Vefsíða COP21

Our LAST chance, COP21

We live in a strange time where we must take a very radical decisions and changes in our lifestyle. Therefore, is the UN climate change conference now in Paris, COP21’s the most important conference that mankind has ever experienced.
For this occasion many march or demonstrations occurred in cities all around the world where the leaders in the conference were encouraged to make a very radical agreements.
One such climate march was gone in Reykjavik in a cold Sunday, November 29th, 2015.
The following recording includes the second half of the march and two short speeches in the end (in Icelandic) at Lækjartorg square in Reykjavik center.
COP21 website

Download mp3 file (196kbps / 31Mb)

Recorder: Olympus LS100
Mics: Sound Professionals MC-TFB-2 (In ear Binaural w. Soundmann windshield)
Pics: Thanks to Jón Pálsson (See more pics)
Weather : About -4°C, calm.
Location: 64.147463, -21.936443

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