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The weather in Snæfellsnes peninsula, west Iceland was beautiful in the last weekend of August 2020. Me and two other friends went there to record nature sounds. Recordings were made from the noisy coastline to the silence on Snæfellsjökull glacier, a glacier which will disappear most likely within the next two decades because of global warming. 
It is sad because this glacier is iconic for the novel „Journey to the Center of the Earth“ by Jules Verne   
It was not only good weather this August weekend. The tourist traffic was very low because of COVID19 so it gave me the opportunity to record places which have been impossible to record without traffic noise and human voices during the last 10 years.  
One of the peaceful places this weekend was Arnarstapi, a small community south of the peninsula. The coastline below is mostly made of basalt columns, which forms all kinds of natural artwork in the cliffs, caves and fissures with and without stone bridges. 
During the summer time the habitats of these cliffs are mainly a Kittiwake but most of them were gone to the sea this weekend so the cliffs were quieter than one month earlier.
I decided to record in one of the fissures named Eystrigjá. Eystrigjá is a rather narrow and one of those who have a natural stone bridge.
Quality open headphones are recommended while listening at low to mid level, or in speakers at low level.

(mp3 256kbps / 43Mb)
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Recorder. Sound devices MixPre6  
Mics: Sennheiser MKH8020/8040 in Parallel AB40. Mixed50/50%
Pix: LG G6

Location: 64.768392, -23.616746
Weather: Sunny, calm, 16°C 

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